Books About Mowers

We like some of these book because they are about vintage mowers. We like some of the others because we are in them. And the rest are about lawns and gardening. You can click on any of the images or links to find out more about, and perhaps buy, them.

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Fifty Years of Garden Machinery

Brian Bell looks at garden machinery in the second half of the 20th century. Includes information about lawn mowers during this period.

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Glossary of Gardens

This is another title in the popular Shire Album series.

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Hand, Horse & Motor - The Development of the Lawn Mower Industry in the United States

Old Lawnmower Club member Jim Ricci, a resident of Massachusetts, has published a new book on the history and development of the lawn mower in the USA. This is the culmination of decades of research by Jim, who first joined the Old Lawnmower Club in the mid-1990s. The book has over 250 pages and more than 150 images of American mowers going back to the 19th century. Jim is an active member of our club and regularly attends our Annual Rally and other events in the UK.

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Lawnmowers and Grasscutters: A Complete Guide

This book, published in 2011, is by OLC Member Brian Radam, so we definitely recommend it.

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Mervin the Magic Mower Series

A series of beautifully illustrated stories for children.

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Miller's Garden Antiques: How to Source and Identify

The latest Miller's Guide, with a small section on mowers but mainly covering garden tools, furniture and ornaments.

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Old Garden Tools

This is an excellent but inexpensive introduction to collecting garden tools of all kinds, including lawn mowers.

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Old Lawnmowers

David Halford's book was probably the first dedicated to the history of the mower when it was first published in 1982. For many members of the Old Lawnmower Club this was their introduction to the subject. We've all learnt a lot more since but you can do a lot worse than this excellent little book from Shire, the UK's specialist publisher of books about bygones.

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Ransomes Sims & Jefferies: Agricultural Engineers

Brian Bell traces the history of this famous Ipswich based company from its pre-lawn mower roots to the present day. Includes information on the mowers produced by the company and many images.

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Seventy Years of Garden Machinery

Enlarged and updated version of Brian Bell's previous book Fifty Years of Garden Machinery

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The Forgiveness of Nature: The Story of Grass

Graham Harvey tells the story of grass and the lawn. There is a chapter on the mower and the Old Lawnmower Club.

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The Garden: An English Love Affair: One Thousand Years of Gardening Order Now
The Grass Is Always Greener

Tom Fort writes about lawns, mowers and his memories of a Dennis mower while growing up in the 1950s and 60s. There is a whole chapter about the Old Lawnmower Club and some of its more colourful members!

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The Lawn Expert

Apparently this is the world's best-selling book about the lawn. It's not about mowers or their history but it's still a very useful book for anyone with even the smallest lawn to tend.

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The Lawn Mower Manual

Old Lawnmower Club member Brian Radam wrote this book in the popular Haynes mechanics' series.

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The Lawn: A History of an American Obsession

This book tells the American story of the lawn. Mowers are, of course, featured.

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The Story of the English Garden

Published in 2018, this book covers the history of the garden in England.

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Two Men Went To Mow

Club member Clive Gravett has written a book about Edwin Budding and his own passion for mower collecting. This book tells the story of this world changing piece of machinery which has impacted on all of our lives.

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Walk Behind Lawn Mower Service Manual

This is for users of modern mowers but if you've ended up on this site looking for information on how to maintain your everyday mower, this could be just for you!

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