Transfers & Decals

The club produces a selection of transfers/decals for mowers. Please contact Colin Stone at to confirm prices and availability. You can pay for all club souvenirs using PayPal or Nochex or cheque. Ask for more details in your email.

This price list was last updated on 22/01/2018.

Postage and packing is free to members of the club. Please quote your membership number if possible when ordering. Postage and packing for all non-members is £10.

Title Part Price Size Design Used By
Atco Motor Mower Set Of 4 AT01 £12.50 Mowers
Atco Motor Mower Set Of 6 AT02 £17.50 Mowers
Atco Motor Mower Individual AT03 £3.40 150 x 40mm Mowers
Atco CHP Round Individual AT04 £3.70 75mm diameter Mowers
Atco Normal (162 x 41mm) AT05 £4 162x41mm Mowers
Atco Normal (133 x 34mm) AT06 £4 133x34mm Mowers
Atco Normal (75 x 19mm) AT07 £4 75x19mm Mowers
Atco King George VI Crest AT08 £10 115 x 170mm Mowers
Atco Cutter Release AT09 £2 77 x 28mm Mowers
Atco Normal (273 x 70mm) AT10 £7 273x70mm Mowers